Thursday, August 25, 2005

Status of Naxalism in India

76 districts in 9 States including Orissa are affected by naxalite activity/ influence in varying degrees. Available reports indicate that CP(Maoist) have been attempting to carve out a `Compact Revolutionary Zone` (CRZ) spreading from Nepal through Bihar and the Dandakaranya region to Andhra Pradesh.

As per available information, 510 (295 civilians, 89 SFs and 126 naxalites) persons have been killed in the naxalite violence during the current year (up to 31.7.2005).

The Central Government has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to tackle the problem of naxalism which includes (a) having a peace dialogue by the affected States, wherever feasible, with naxal groups willing to abjure violence, (b) modernization and strengthening of the State Police forces, long term deployment of Para Military forces, intensified intelligence based well-coordinated anti-naxalite operations, (c) focused attention on integrated development of the affected areas and (d) removal of socio- cultural alienation of people, gearing up of public grievances redressal system and creation of Local Resistance Groups.

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