Monday, August 22, 2005

TMC roars against Govt

Express News Service

Kolkata, August 22: What the partners of the CPI(M) in the Left Front are saying in whispers, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) said with a bang today at Rabindra Bhavan in Baruipur where the district headquarters of the 24 Parganas (South) is also situated.

The TMC held an “apolitical” convention where they invited all anti-CPI(M) political parties and even some human rights organisations. The impact of the convention could be gauged from the presence of certain local leaders from LF partners like the CPI and the RSP among the audience.

Besides the TMC, the Congress, the Party for Democratic Socialism (PDS) and the CPI-ML (Liberation) — a Naxal outfit, were also present at the convention today.

At the convention, the participants floated a platform for saving land, known as ‘Jami Bachao Mancha’. The joint convenors of this mancha were Arup Bhadra and Jogranjan Haldar, two TMC MLAs from the area. The platform has resolved to carry out active opposition at the ground level if the state Government goes forward with its decision to displace farmers and give 5,100 acres of land to the Indonesia based Salem Group.

On August 26, the mancha will take out a procession and go to the office of the Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Baruipur.

Pankaj Banerjee, leader of the Opposition, told Newsline in Kolkata: “This convention is a test case for the TMC. We will use this apolitical mancha as the basis for taking this movement to the grassroots level.”

Banerjee elaborated on the questions that the TMC had regarding the giving away of land to the Salem Group. “We want to know how agricultural land can be given away to a foreign group and under what conditions such a decision was adopted by the Government. We will continue our movement till we get satisfactory answers to our queries from the Chief Minister,” said Banerjee

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