Sunday, February 18, 2007

Terrorists in Kashmir using mobiles to trigger blasts: Army

Srinagar, Feb 18: Army deployed in Jammu and Kashmir have found that the terrorists operating in the State are now using mobile phones to trigger bomb blasts.

During investigations into a roadside explosion in the valley in December last year, security forces chanced upon the use of mobile phones by the terrorists to trigger blasts from far off places.

"On 27th December a explosion was done using a mobile phone. It was a mobile phone blast. When further investigation was done, it came to light that the SIM used in the mobile phone was issued on a fraud name of an army man," said, Lieutenant Colonel A. K. Mathur, spokesperson of the Indian army.

The improvised explosive device (IED) blast aimed at an army convoy passing through Baramulla on 27 December 2006 had left three civilians injured.

The modus operandi of the rebels is to plant explosive-laden mobile phones at strategic places and call on the number from a remote phone to trigger it.

Last year police in Srinagar, the summer of Indian Kashmir, had unearthed two IED using mobile phone as triggers, which lead to a blanket freezing of signals on 15 th August.

Mobile telephony was not permitted in Kashmir valley, until 2003, as security agencies feared that militants would misuse it.

Bureau Report

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