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Maoist leaders piggyback on SEZ row to gain political mileage

Posted online: Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 0008 hours IST

NEW DELHI, APR 14: The SEZ issue has become the latest rallying point of the left-wing extremists in the naxal-affected regions of India. During the recently-held 9th congress of the CPI (Maoist), the top leadership urged people to “resist the seizure of their land and houses and beat back the demolition hordes by whatever means possible.”

According to intelligence reports, the Naxalites are in the process of shifting a portion of their cadre to West Bengal in order to create large-scale unrest in the wake of attention the events at Nandigram have been getting.

Incidentally, in the so-called red corridor spread across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal remains the weakest link. Since early 1980s, the People’s War Group has been slowly pushing its cadre into the state to usher in the “new democratic revolution”.

The aim of the naxalite movement, which has undergone a sea-change since the death of its supreme commander, Charu Majumder in 1970, is one of protracted armed struggle, whose objective is not just seizure of land, crops, but capture of state power.

“The ultimate aim is to establish a compact revolutionary zone in the heart of India and use this zone and the red corridor for extending the movement to the cities and seizing the power structure of the state,” says former minister in NDA Cabinet, Jagmohan. He adds: “The goal is the establishment of the Maoist state, no matter how many bones are broken and how much blood is spilled in the process.” Among other political outfits, the Marxists, who were the prime target of the naxalite in the ‘60s continue to be so even now.
Red Alert

• How Naxalites work
Naxalites become active in 3 stages: identifying an issue, creating a tempo against the govt and then hitting hard
• What they are doing now
Sending cadres to West Bengal to create unrest in the wake of attention events at Nandigram have been getting
• What they aim to achieve
Resist the seizure of land and houses and beat back the demolition hordes by whatever means possible.

Highly placed sources in the home ministry have told The Financial Express that the CPI(Maoist) is importing to West Bengal its men active in the neighbouring states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Sources have revealed that the group is using the Katihar (Bihar)-Sahibganj (Jharkhand) corridor to sneak into West Bengal through Malda district.

“Local intelligence inputs from these states suggest that a few hundred of extremists may have managed to reach West Bengal,” said a senior official. The CPI(M) has also been alleging that the violence in Nandigram was “aided and abetted by Maoists and Naxalite.”

The party has alleged that the Naxalite are receiving support from the Trinamool Congress. “Their aim now is to prepare Nandigram and the adjacent areas for the Trinamool Congress ahead of the 2008 Panchayat elections,” says a senior CPI(M) leader.

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