Friday, May 18, 2007

Join mainstream, kin plead with naxalites

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Srikakulam, May 18: How do the parents and the near and the dear feel about their siblings who went underground as extremists some 20 years ago? Over 25 families, whose members went underground, have expressed strong yearning to see them.

They have also want their siblings to come out and join the mainstream of society. Such views were expressed by the kin of extremists at a meeting organised by the police at Palasa, 65 km from here, on Thursday.

Whether it is Selluri Neelama, 55, of Madanapuram village, whose son went underground 20 years ago, or Lakhsamamma, 50, whose son also went underground some 15 years ago, the desire was the same. "We want our sons to come out and lead a normal life." This was their appeal through the media.

Addressing the meeting, Superintendent of Police Manish Kumar Sinha said that the Government would rehabilitate all the surrendered extremists irrespective of seriousness of crime they committed. There would not be any pressure or harassment from the police.

The idea was to ensure a normal life to the surrendered extremists by extending all possible assistance, Mr. Sinha said. The Government allocated Rs.16 crores for rehabilitation of the surrendered extremists, he said. Mr. Sinha announced that the police would adopt the families who had attended the counselling meeting called `Melukolupu.'


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