Friday, November 02, 2007

Footwear giant co-owner shot dead in Jamshedpur

Shyamal Sarkar, 02 November 2007, Friday

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UNIDENTIFIED motorcycle borne assailants shot dead Ashis De, co-owner of Srerleathers, the footwear giant, on a road in the Sakchi area in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The Bengal shoe company has many franchise outlets in Jharkhand, Bihar Uttar Pradesh. Ashis lived in Jamshedpur.

Ashis had come out of his home in Jamshedpur at 8.40 am and was riding his motorcycle to the shoe shop in the town when two motorcycles carrying four people approached him from the opposite direction. The pillion riders shot Ashis and got away. He was killed 50 yards from his home.

He had been received receiving threats and extortion calls for some time now and had informed his elder brother Satyabrata De. The family informed the Bengal administration which in turn got in touch with the police authorities in Jharkhand. The police offered Ashis security but he apparently refused. He presumably thought he could take are of himself for he carried a licensed pistol wherever he went, the Jharkhand police told the media.

There are unconfirmed reports that Ashis was asked to pay Rs. 3 crores in extortion money.

The police are yet figure out who killed the businessman. It is learnt that one of the threat calls was made from Nagaland in the Northeast. Jharkhand’s notorious underworld could also have been involved in the crime. The police are not ruling out the hand of Naxalites who are active in the Sakchi area. It can be recalled that on October 28, in a daring attack on a tribal cultural programme, Naxalites killed 17 people including former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi’s son in Chilkhadi village, Giridih district. Four people were injured.
The killing could have been carried out by insurgent groups in the Northeast if the call from Nagaland did indeed come. Rebel outfits in the Northeast are known to demand large sums in extortion money.

The firearms used in the murder are yet to be identified.

Satyabrata who was New Delhi was informed of his brother being shot and he has rushed to Jamshedpur.

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