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Abhijit Mazumdar: CPI-ML founder's son gets place in key panelCPI-ML founder's son gets place in key panel

1 Jan 2008, 0236 hrs IST,Pranava K Chaudhary,TNN

PATNA: The CPI-ML (Liberation) has projected Abhijit Mazumdar, 47, son of legendary Naxalite leader Charu Mazumdar, as its future leader by inducting him in the central committee at its recent party congress in Kolkata.

Abhijit, who is urbane and teaches English in a Siliguri College, is currently party secretary of Darjeeling in West Bengal.

Charu Mazumdar, who led the Naxalite movement, died in 1972, but his legacy of ultra-left politics continues through the party, the CPI-ML (Liberation), led by Dipankar Bhattacharya -- a Marxist-Leninist outfit that has evolved significantly in the last three decades. The descendants of Charu still live in Darjeeling area and are fighting to take his legacy forward.

"We participate in parliamentary democracy, but we don't believe -- as CPM and other Left parties do -- that the total and necessary change can come only through participation in the parliamentary process. Our's is a tactical position, not a strategy," Abhijit told TOI.

"My mother, who was an LIC agent, sold all her property to raise us. She died in 1995," he said.

"After my father's death in 1972, we lost contact with the party due to state repression. Finally, we came in contact with party whole-timers in 1986. Since then, I am in constant touch with the party," he said.

"We have tried to mobilize people in Siliguri and Darjeeling, particularly among tea garden workers. Poor peasants have already raised protests against SEZs," he said.

"My father's views -- just like thoughts of Marx and Lenin -- are as relevant today as they were 35 years ago," he stressed. In order to mobilizse urban youth, the CPI-ML has also inducted two young party cadres, Kavita Krishnan and Sanjay Sharma, in the central committee. Kavita and Sanjay are both known among the youth in Delhi.


Charu’s house in promoter’s hands

Source : The Statesman , April 11 2007
Bappaditya Paul

SILIGURI, April 11: The ideological hub of the landmark Naxalbari Movement, the house of legendary Charu Mazumdar, is set to all but disappear except, perhaps, from the memories of a section of the elderly populace in the state. Struggling to cope with economic needs and those necessitated by changing lifestyle, the heirs of the late Naxalite ideologue have sold a portion of his Siliguri home to a private developer.

Originally from Jalpaiguri, Mazumdar shifted base to DL Roy Sarani (Mahananda Para), Siliguri in 1952 and lived there till his death. It was here that the prominent, radical Communist completed his historic Eight Documents, which later laid the ideological base for the Naxalbari Movement that began in 1967. During the trouble-torn days of the Naxalbari Movement, Mazumdar guided his fellow revolutionaries from this building.

After his death in 1972 in Kolkata police custody, the family of the Naxalite leader continued living in the house. After his wife’s death, his two daughters and son are the legal heirs of the property. Stretching across 16 cottahs until recently, an RCC-type house stands on the property.

“We have sold seven cottahs to a private developer, who is now constructing a multi-storied residential building on the plot. But to preserve our father’s memory, a portion of the old house has been kept intact,” Mr Abhijit Mazumdar, political activist and college teacher, said.

NAXALWATCH : May be today's naxals do the same thing after acquiring all the prime lands from the industrialists . If readers recollect the demands of the Naxal leaders few years back , they demanded the starting point of implementing land reforms was to distribute lands under possession of these influential persons to the landless .

The `comprehensive list'

According to the naxalites, the following are the major occupiers of prime land in the twin cities:

1. Ramoji Film City (2,000 acres). 2. Sanghinagar (1,500 acres). 3. Satyam Computers, Byrraju Foundation and other groups (2,000 acres). 4. Dr. Reddy's Labs (1,000 acres.) 5. Jana Harsha (2,000 acres). 6. Narne Estates (2,000 acres) 7. GPR Estates (1,000 acres). 8. Sri Mithra Real Estates (1,000 acres). 9. Devender Goud family (1,500 acres). 10. Sreenidhi Real Estates (1,000 acres). 11. Jayabheri Estates (Muralimohan and Chandrababu Naidu benami) (2,000 acres). 12. Raheja Estates (1,000 acres). 13. L &T (Chandrababu Naidu benami) (1,000 acres). 14. Jana Chaitanya Real Estates. 15. Sai Chaitanya Real Estates. 16. Venkata Chaitanya Real Estates. 17. Ramanaidu Studios. 18. Annapurna Studios. 19. Padmalaya Studios. 20. Ramakrishna Studios. 21. CC Studios. 22. Green City Township. 23. Engineers Syndicate. 24. Mayuri Real Estates. 25. Amaravathi Real Estates. 26. Suryavamshi Real Estates. 27. Maxima Real Estates. 28.21st Century Builders. 29. Shilpa Real Estates. 30. Lahari Estates. 31. Ajay Chaitanya Real Estates. 32. IIIT. 33. IMG Bharata Academy (800 acres). 34. Indian School of Business (250 acres). 35. AWARE (500 acres). 36. Sylvan University (200 acres). 37. Genome Valley (ICICI Knowledge Park, Shapurjee, Pallomjee Biotech Park (3000 acres). 38. IMAX. 39. Snow World. 40. Ilabs. 41. Wipro, Infosys, Microsoft, Oracle and other IT companies (1,000 acres). 42. Farmhouses, resorts, guesthouses, clubs and other luxury houses. 43. Lands alienated to commercial and trade organisations.

Mr Mazumdar said that apart from paying adequate monetary compensation, the private developer would also hand over to them a furnished apartment in the new residential complex

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