Friday, December 21, 2007

CPM back to Stalinist agenda: BJP

Saturday December 22 2007 00:00 IST

Anita Saluja

NEW DELHI: The BJP hit out at CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat for targetting L K Advani being anointed as the party's Prime Ministerial candidate and describing it as a return to the basics by the party.

The CPM, in its mouthpiece, People's Democracy, described it as a sign of growing insecurity in the BJP and charged the party with harking back to aggressive communal poloralisation, by trying to capitalise on Advani's Ram Rath Yatra in 1990 to consolidate the Hindu vote bank.

The BJP hit back at Karat and charged his party with returning to Stalinist agenda, in driving out Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen and in the Nandigram violence.

BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said, “The shocking news of the house-arrest of noted writer Taslima Nasreen is a matter of shame for the UPA Government, especially in a country that proudly propounds the age old philosophy of Athithi Devo Bhawa. It is even more shocking that for the sake of their political survival and acting completely under pressure from the CPM, the Central Government has gone ahead and conveyed to Taslima that she cannot go back to Kolkata, a city that she loves.”

The Centre's latest move, he said, has thrown up an extremely relevant and important question as to how a victim of persecution was being treated by a civilised State, in which the victim has sought refuge as an asylum.

The BJP condemned the CPM for their dismal role in Taslima episode. It clearly establishes their complete submission to Islamic fundamentalists; a continuation of their known behaviour since the days of Shah Bano case and following the policy of rank opportunism for mere political survival and vote bank politics.

The BJP demanded that the UPA Government should ensure freedom of movement, provide safety and just treatment to Taslima and allow her to follow her wishes.

Prakash Javadekar pointed out that Taslima was a victim of religious persecution in Bangladesh. Now she is a refugee in India. While the CPM Government in West Bengal forcibly ejected her out from Kolkata under pressure from Islamic fundamentalists, the Central Government was carrying out further persecution since fellow-travelling with the CPM and fundamentalists protects their survival and vote bank.

The BJP leader reminded the UPA Central Government and CPM Government in West Bengal that people were no longer living under the Emergency rule of 1975, when the then Attorney-General Niren De had infamously said, “Nobody has right to life if Government wishes so.”

The BJP noted that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has finally acknowledged the Left-wing extremism of Naxals was growing and their base was being enlarged. The BJP leader blamed it on the Congress brand of politics for the latest developments.

The Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh announced ceasefire in 2004, which was used by Naxals to regroup, reinforce and spread its tentacles. The Central Government discontinued the coordinated action plan and working group arrangement initiated by the Vajpayee Government to tackle Naxals, despite its success.

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