Thursday, December 20, 2007

JOKE : Police have NO PHOTOS of Detained hardcore Maoists


Raipur, Dec. 19: Chhattisgarh police have revealed that they don’t have photographs of most of the hardcore Maoists detained in different prisons across the state.

The matter was exposed after the Dantewada jailbreak incident on Sunday evening in which 299 inmates, along with 100 Maoists, walked out of the jail after overpowering guards.

Of the 100 Maoists, 15 were top level officers. Security agencies scanning Dantewada forests for the rebels are finding it a daunting task, as they do not have photographs to identify them.

With no option left, the Dantewada district police administration has issued sketches of three of the most-wanted rebels, including Sudhir Kumar, alias Sujith, who masterminded the jailbreak. The sketch was drawn on the basis of inputs provided by the jail inmates and employees.

Usually, the police have photographs of hardcore criminals for record. But, the missing pictures point to a serious lapse.

“The police are supposed to keep the photographs of hardcore criminals. Sujith is one, as he faces charges on serious crimes. It’s surprising why the Dantewada police don’t have the photograph,” said Bastar inspector-general of police, R.K. Vij.

A senior police officer in the headquarters also admitted that the department does not have pictures of most of the hardcore rebels. About 100 Maoists besides 400 Sangham members (Maoist aides) are presently detained in jails in Chhattisgarh.

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