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Narendra Modi stole the show at CM's meet on Internal Security

India should have diplomatic channel with Pakistan to combat terrorism: Modi

Gujarat Global News Network, New Delhi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said that there should be diplomatic channel with neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal to check growing problem of terrorism. He said that terrorism was not nourishing because of poverty but it was a problem of an ideology and attitude towards life of intolerance.

Speaking at the Chief Ministers' meet on Internal Security here today he said that while anti terror mechanism are being strengthened and terror laws are being made stringent all over the world, our country has even abolished the existing law of POTA. The government should bring some another law instead of POTA. He also expressed his dissatisfaction regarding non-approval of GUJCOC, which is pending since long with the centre.

He said that Police Academy/Colleges should be established at the National and State levels for induction of youth who in turn can be recruited later on in the Police Force or in Private Security Agencies. He also suggested for a specialized national level service on the intelligence cadre on the pattern of All India Service like IAS and IPS.

"Unfortunately, the intelligence apparatus in most states leave much to be
desired. I strongly feel that matters pertaining to intelligence should be given
priority and the shroud of fanatical secrecy should be lifted so as to analyse
true worth of any intelligence agency. In order to create a cadre of dedicated
officers, I would recommend setting-up of an all-India service, which could be
called the Indian Intelligence Service. Members of this service should be in the
same manner as IAS, IPS and IFS. Be born on the cadre of a particular state and
then are available for service with the Central Government on deputation basis.
The advantage of such a system would be to have at hand the committed and
professional intelligence officers who could then be trusted to collect hard
intelligence competently
" ( AUGUST 2006 article Written by Narendra Modi)

Gujarat intends to establish a Gujarat State Police University to impart holistic knowledge on Police administration and criminal justice system. Modi urged the centre to provide support for the project.

Modi suggested Public Private Partnership to involve local public participation in crime management. He also suggested institutions which can issue certificate for forensic trained people. Gujarat is ready to work if Central Government gives financial support, he added.

Speaking on Naxalite issues, Gujarat Chief Minister said that it was high time that Government of India evolve a clear policy to deal with this issue as Naxalite movement is no more a local issue for which Union Government has greater responsibility as this situation may lead to subversion and crisis in the country. This is the proxy war and it should be handled more carefully. Gujarat is not affected by Naxalite movement so far. He suggested two strategies one for the naxalite affected areas and other to the potential areas where preventive measures can be taken in advance so that such menace may not spread there.

Modi suggested that Indian Evidence Act need to be amended and responsibility of current incumbent to a post be fixed for any Court matter concerning official action taken by earlier incumbent.

Emphasizing the need of improvement in the border security capacity including that of the coastal security, he stated that the security systems available with the ports are inadequate. Even the customs department has no such means to effectively check smuggling of any contraband item. He said that more shallow water boats for the coast guards which can work in the coastal areas where draft depth is not available should be provided by the centre.

The State Government has sent a comprehensive scheme on coastal security involving Rs.392.47 crores to the Government of India which included setting up of 51 coastal police stations in 11 coastal districts of the State against which only 10 police stations have been approved. Against the proposal of 70 out posts, only 46 posts have been sanctioned. Against Rs.393,47 crores perspective plans, the Government of India has approved only Rs.58.42 crores. He urged the centre to sanction Rs.393.47 crores to handle the coastal security effectively.

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Modi at meet, all guns blazing- Gujarat CM blasts Singh’s proposal for 15% funds for minorities


Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi at the meeting. Pictures by AFP and Rajesh Kumar
New Delhi, Dec. 19: Narendra Modi stole the show at the chief ministers’ meeting that some said he should not have attended, held forth on what he called “communal budgeting” and said he would speak to the media when he had something to tell the nation.

“Nation” — that word would have caught the attention of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, shadow Prime Minister L.K. Advani as well as their parties.

When the BJP suddenly announced a day before the Gujarat polls that Advani would be its candidate for Prime Minister whenever general elections were held, Manmohan said the party had acted to pre-empt Modi who, he suggested, was eyeing Delhi.

Today, Modi was not expected at the National Development Council meeting. Chief ministers awaiting an election verdict rarely attend meetings where vital policy decisions are taken.

But not only did the Gujarat chief minister attend, he even tried to set the tone for the meeting by asking party president Rajnath Singh to issue a statement on “communal budgeting” — the BJP’s phrase to describe the proposed 15 per cent outlay for minorities.

Rajnath told his party’s chief ministers to oppose any attempt to introduce a special plan component for the minorities. But no BJP chief minister mentioned the subject in their speech, choosing to speak only before the media.

Except Modi. “Such discrimination, amongst the eligible beneficiaries, for flow of funds, based on minority status, will not help the cause of taking the people of India together on the path of development,” he told the meeting.

Modi, who will know on Sunday whether he remains chief minister, accepted the challenge of 11.2 per cent growth rate for the 11th five-year plan handed to Gujarat. He then went on to criticise the plan document, saying its strategy on tribals was flawed.

Trying to get back at the Prime Minister, he said Manmohan had identified Naxalite violence as the biggest internal security threat but had failed to evolve a focused strategy for improving the lot of tribals, whose neglect was the main reason for its growth.

Sources say Modi plans another attack on the Centre tomorrow when the meeting discusses internal security.

The Gujarat Congress had yesterday objected to his participation in the meeting on the ground that he is only a “caretaker chief minister”.

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