Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Naxalite talks with CPM allies


Calcutta, Dec. 17: Naxalite groups are in talks with the CPM’s Left Front partners for a possible “alternative Left” alliance.

At the end of the CPI(ML) Liberation party congress in the city, general secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said the outfit had held “primary talks with the RSP, CPI and the Forward Bloc” as well as the SUCI and some “anti-CPM Left intellectuals”.

Bloc leader Ashok Ghosh, who had earlier announced his party’s decision to contest the 2008 panchayat polls alone, confirmed the talks. “Yes, we are holding talks,” he said.

Bhattacharya called for a “realignment of the Left forces” after the CPM’s capitulation to neo-liberal policies.

He accused the CPM of double standards — “supporting land acquisition for special economic zones in Bengal but opposing it elsewhere”.
Ghosh supported Bhattacharya. “We are also opposed to inviting big capitalists in the name of industrialisation and the indifference to agriculture. All anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist Left forces should unite,” he said.

Bloc, CPI and RSP leaders had joined a CPI(ML) Liberation convention to criticise the CPM a few days ago. The Naxalite outfit would hold its open rally in the city tomorrow

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