Monday, December 31, 2007

NSA alerts TN Govt on extremist attacks

Tuesday January 1 2008 00:04 IST


CHENNAI: National Security Advisor MK Narayanan has alerted the Tamil Nadu Government to possible extremist attacks targeting senior political leaders and important places in the state.

Following this, the police have asked political leaders to strictly adhere to the security arrangements while participating in public functions or going to crowded areas. The decision to alert them was made at a meeting CM M Karunanidhi had with police officials on Monday evening.

“We have asked senior politicians to adhere to the security arrangements. The main aim is to ensure that they avoid unwanted risks. We have told them to be extra careful,” a senior police official told this website's newspaper.

However, an official press release, issued after the CM’s meeting, made no reference to the alert sent by the NSA, but said the CM had discussed the security arrangement for leaders, in the light of the recommendations of the MA Farooqui committee.

The release said some leaders had accepted the government offer for security, while some others had turned it down. A few others had not responded to the offer.

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