Saturday, January 26, 2008

CPM non-governance cripples the state

Alliance partners openly attack CPM

By S. Chandrasekhar

As if domestic Islamic jehadis like Abdul Nasser Madhani, NDF, SIMI, SIO, Kantha-puram Musaliar’s Sunni faction and Mujahid’s are not enough, terror groups like Laskar-e-Toiba and Hizbul Mujahideen have found safe houses and green pastures in Kerala, thanks to pro-jehadi CPM regime and the Muslim dominated pockets spread over the state.

The police, based on Central Intelligence inputs, arrested Altaf Ahmed Khan, a Kashmir based Hizbul Mujahideen militant from Kumily in Idukki district on January, 5. He was involved in several extremist acts in Kashmir and has been hiding in Kerala masquerading as a shopkeeper in a Kashmiri emporium. He has been regularly travelling to and fro Kashmir and has also received training in PoK. There are around 5,000 Kashmiri Muslims in Kerala who have put up stalls in various tourist spots and the migrant labour populace mostly from border districts of West Bengal is 10 lakhs. The aim of Altaf was to organise the Kashmiris and the Muslim majority migrant labour for jehad. Despite several jehadi strikes going on in Kerala for several years, both the CPM led regime and the Muslim League dominated Congress have done nothing, for fear of losing Muslim vote-banks. If fact, Madhani was accorded royal welcome and Z category security by both the CPM and the UPA.

After jehadis, it is now the turn of Maoists to establish roots in Kerala. Although later sixties and seventies saw the rise of Naxalism, it was ruthlessly crushed by the then Home Minister K. Karunakaran of the Congress. But of late, in the name of protests against retail giants, Asian Development Bank, I.M.F. etc. splinter CPI (ML) and Maoists have spring up causing panic in Kerala society. Now Naxal leaders like Malliraja Reddy, Sende Raja Mouli and Sundera Murthy have been regularly visiting Kerala and based on I.B. reports, Malliraja Reddy was arrested from a granite quarry in Kochi, where he was hiding, and handed over to Andhra Pradesh Police. The Union Cabinet Secretary Shri. K.M. Chandrasekhar, who accords top priority to development activity in Naxal infected areas, said recently, in Kerala that a 15,000 strong, fully armed Maoist Army is posing a serious threat to the nation. But ignorant of all these threats, the CPM regime, sleeps, blissfully.

Unmindful of the threats faced by Kerala, the CPM civil war between Pinarayi and Atchudanandan faction continues unabated, giving the people some comic interludes, in the grave scenario. The district conferences, as a prelude to the state conference and the Party National Congress have become a show of strength between Pinarayi Vijayan and V.S. Atchudanandan. Wrecking revenge on V.S. for usurping the CM’s Chair, Pinarayi has captured all the districts, including V.S. strongholds of Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam and Thrissur. In Palakkad, where V.S.’s constituency, Malampuzha is situated, even the M.Ps. K. Ajayakumar and N.N. Krishnadas (V.S. supporters) were decimated by the Pinarayi blitzkrieg.

V.S. has accursed Pinarayi of using Mafia links and tactics to destroy him and Pinarayi has accused V.S. of resorting to cheap methods to gain publicity. V.S. has now complained against Pinarayi to the Politburo and Karat. The Basu-Buddhadev hosanna to capitalism has also aggravated the VS - Pinarayi conflict with V.S. opposing capitalism and Pinarayi supporting it.

The allies of the CPM like the CPI, the RSP and the Janata Dal have said that constant in-fighting between the CPM groups have eroded the credibility of the LDF regime and have criticised both V.S. and Pinarayi.

In the opposite camp, former king-maker, Congress stalwart who made Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister, K. Karunakaran, has returned to Congress, falling at the feet of Sonia behn and atoning for the sins of calling her ‘Madamma’ (Malayali slang for foreigner) from the top of Himalayas. Karunakaran’s flirtations with the DIC(K) and the NCP ended in disasters and has meekly returned putting his tail between the legs. But son K. Muralidharan remains with the letter head organisation of Sharad Pawar, NCP, in Kerala.

The CPM’s thirst for the RSS blood never ends in Kerala. A fortnight back, RSS Karyavah, Shri Vinod, who was returning after a football match; was brutally butchered, in broad daylight, in Mavelikara, in Alappuzha district. The CPM’s ally in the war against the RSS, is now the NDF, jehadi incarnate. Bomb-making continues unabated in Kannur, the killing fields of the RSS-CPM conflict.

The CPM won the 2006 assembly polls with the strong support of Christians/Muslims. But due to the CPM’s effort to takeover professional colleges run by the minorities, they were alienated from the CPM, and even threatened a ‘Liberation Struggle’ against the LDF. Further the move to change school timings, which will clash with the madrasa timings, has taken the Muslims to the warpath. Also Pinarayi, calling a Bishop, a ‘Despicable Character’ has around the Christian anger against the CPM. The Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Arch bishop. Varkey Mar Vidhayathil and Archbishop Mar Powathil have declared war on the CPM.

To get into the good books of the Hindus, who are angered at the mess created by the Dewasom Minister G. Sudhakaran and Travancore Dewaswom Board at Shabarimala, Chief Minister V.S. forgetting all his Commie background, trekked to Shabarimala along with the Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi and opened a cardiac surgery centre for pilgrims. Worried at the serious loss of minority votes, the CPM had to fall back to its Hindu vote-bank. Anyway for the believers and the Hindus of Kerala, it was a welcome move, although the intentions were opportunistic and doubtful.

If CPM provides comedy, can CPI be far behind? Concerned at the acute shortage of rice and its rising prices, the Food Minister, C. Divakaran of CPI, asked the people of Kerala, to avoid rice and take, eggs, milk and chicken! But the ignorant Minister doesn’t know that just like rice, these items also come from outside the state.

Said a French Queen, ‘If they dont have bread, let them eat cakes’. May be Divakaran is taking a cue from her. But CPI and CPM cannot escape from their lopsided labour policy, which destroyed agriculture and industry in Kerala, forcing lakhs to migrate to other states and the Gulf for slave labour.

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