Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lack of education drawing youth to Maoism: Ravishankar


New Delhi : Art of Living founder and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar said Tuesday that 99 per cent of the kids being lured into Maoist violence are Hindus. According to him, people are being attracted toward Maoism because of lack of proper guidance and education.

Speaking at the launch of a peace initiative Global Foundation for Civilisational Harmony (India), in New Delhi, the spiritual leader said: "Today 99 per cent of those involved in Maoism are from Hindu families. The menace has spread to various parts of the country, from Kashmir to Nagaland and elsewhere."

He said: "The kids living in the affected areas don't get proper guidance and education." This has helped the Maoists attract more people as the illiterate could easily be swayed, he added.

"We have globalised everything, from music, technology to food, but we have failed to globalise wisdom," he said.

Ravishankar stressed that conflicts and differences were natural. People, irrespective of their caste or religious identities, have come together in the past to help each other when natural calamities such as tsunami occurred, he pointed out. "We don't need a tsunami to bring people together."

Ravishankar further spoke about the need to stop the rising cases of female foeticide.

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