Friday, January 25, 2008

Left’s Obsession With Ideological Postures

by P Raman

OF ALL the happy tidings that had emerged from the Prime Minister’s Beijing sojourn, one stands apart. That is the myth that if China supports the India-US nuclear deal, the Left in India will instantly withdraw all its objections, and things will be happy forever. The premise is founded on so many false assumptions jointly woven by our strategic ‘community’ with cold war mindset, South Bloc bureaucracy and the non-political politicians. The harsh truth is that China or no China, the Left parties are not going to budge an inch on the nuclear deal or India-US strategic partnership.

Much of the endless tension in the working of the Left supporters and the government could be attributed to the absence of a proper understanding about the Left’s traditional mindset. Forty-four months of close association has not made the government side any wiser about the Left’s obsession with certain ideological postures and their working style. In UPA government, Mr Pranab Mukherjee and Mr A K Antony alone understand the Left mind and their nuances. Hence each time policy clashes between the government side and Left reached the flash point, the onus of saving the government fell on the Sonia establishment and Pranab Mukherjee.

Much of the trouble could be traced to ignorance about the Left’s existential compulsions. The CPI(M), like other cadre-based parties, is ever conscious of its workers’ responses to its decisions. Any false step, the leadership will encounter loud murmuring from the ranks. Naxalites of 60s and 70s have been offshoots of such ideological clashes. Effective discipline and loyalty are built on ideological and programmatic commitment. This is the Left’s strength as well as weakness.

The new breed of politicians and the strategic advisers, domestic or foreign, can hardly understand such Left compulsions. Watch the kind of turmoil raised by Mr Jyoti Basu’s ‘capitalism’ statement this month among the Left ranks. The latter has a committed constituency, however narrow it might be. Much of the PM camp’s clashes with the Left can be traced to the simplistic manner they presumed things. Even if China passionately supports the nuclear deal, it is not going to influence the Left. Even at the peak of the cold war, the CPI(M) had repeatedly reasserted its independence.

In fact, the party itself was born out of the defiance of both Soviet Union and China. Old timers know how for 13 years, week after week, their People’s Democracy came out with fierce refutations of the two communist giants’ divergent ideological positions. How facile is the belief that the Left will support the India-US nuclear deal just to help the Russsians get contracts for four nuclear plants for Kudamkulam. For months, the government side lived on the fiction that the Left’s anti-BJPism will ultimately force it to stand by it and wink at the nuclear deal. But the CPI(M) bosses could not ignore their old ‘communalism versus imperialism’ syndrome.

The next hope was to use the ‘Bengal group’ against the rootless Delhi bosses. Before the crucial Politbureau meeting began, Mr Budhdhadev was taken for a breakfast with PM. The US investors and the envoy specially concentrated on the ‘Bengal group’. Incidentally, even at the peak of Nandigram clashes and Kerala crisis, the CPI(M) was ready to pull the rug even at the cost of a reduced Lok Sabha tally. The PM’s ‘so-be-it’ challenge to the Left in August last to try and topple the government on the nuclear deal issue has been the culmination of such miscalculations.

The outside supporters were certainly under provocation to hit back. The smaller Left partners were impatient. If the UPA government had survived in August, it has been due to the Left’s perseverance, Sonia establishment’s decisive intervention and the pragmatism by Mr Mukherjee and Mr A K Antony. Now Mr Mukherjee has gone public that the UPA government will survive full term even if the nuclear deal has to be dumped. This means the arrangement with the outside supporter will be stretched out beyond the 14 Lok Sabha.

This calls for a deeper understanding of their compulsions and divergence of views on fundamental issues. These pertain to three areas. First, the battle for territorial domination in Kerala, Tripura and to an extent West Bengal. The Left has already proved that they can fight and win elections even while supporting the Congress at the Centre. Second has been the South and North Blocs’ running battles with the Left over the reform agenda. When the CMP was signed, South Bloc dismissed it as another omnibus ‘National Agenda’ of NDA. It could easily be superimposed by the former’s own reform agenda. Chidambaram (who had jointly drafted the National Front’s CMP) alone could visualize the impending showdowns.

For two years, uneasy peace prevailed on contentions issues like PSU sell-off, pension and PF and labour bill. Now there seems to exist a political consensus of the sort on such issues with the opposition, UPA allies and the Congress ranks refusing to join the reformers’ battles. The third is the Left’s opposition to taking India into the US military alliance and strategic partnership. The Left thinks that the India-US nuclear deal is part of what they call ‘enslavement’.

Over a dozen joint programmes are in the pipeline to sever Indian military’s traditional links with the Russians and integrate it with the US, Israel and NATO. It held 50 joint exercises with the US against a dozen low-key ones with all others together.

Several pacts, including the Logistics Support Agreement to permit US use Indian ports and bases for attack on Islamic countries, remain blocked due to Left threat. This is going to be the next theatre of conflict. Then there are the minor areas of conflict like the petroleum price hike and the Left homilies on fighting communalism in Gujarat. As a mainstream party, the Congress will have to evolve its own policies to suit the emerging situations. Then there are areas like corporate support and foreign patronage – both are crucial for the survival of any post-1991 government in India.

The Left-Congress alliance may not be perfect. Coordination mechanism is in shambles with no meetings from November, 2006. Yet it has endured the worst tumults. Throughout the period, the confrontation was between the Left and the PM camp. The Sonia establishment had scrupulously kept off the face-off and functioned more as an umpire. The comrades, on their part, had behaved with utmost caution and responsibility even in the face of PM’s pull-down challenge. They refused to vote with the opposition on nuclear deal and instead negotiated 11 conditions with the government. Tough negotiators, Mr Pranab Mukherjee knows how the two sides had held secret talks to sort out complex issues. This is going to be the feature of the ties between the two sides

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an engineer born and raised in the USA, now studying Indian culture and civilization. My ancestors came from Ireland and England.

I want to comment on naxalism, maoism, communism and the like.

Most people do not understand human nature, and so they go through life quite blind, existentially terrified, ego driven, emotionally reactive, and generally ignorant of how their own minds and hearts work, and therefore ignorant of how the minds and hearts of others work as well.

Underlying and enabling this widespread ignorance is the cultural myth, common to most cultures on the planet, that people are essentially good. Nothing could be further from the truth. If one bases one's philosophy or worldview on such a lie, then all perceptions will be tainted and innacurate, as if viewing the world through a distorted and clouded camera lens.

Most people will not admit to themselves how petty and mean they are, and almost never will they admit this publicly. And so all people in a community and nation interact with each other in a masked and costumed manner, pretending to be good for no reason other than to deceive others.

Even as you read this, you know my words are true but you feel shock and outrage, and want to curse me, but you also feel guilt for such feelings because, as I said, you know my words are true.

The human consciousness is based on the vilest and most selfish of human intentions.

And let's not forget that careful scientific research has shown that apes are the ancestors of the human, and so how can anyone say, with honesty, that humanity is based on "goodness", if the ape is not also based on goodness.

I have watched video of apes in the wild engaging in territorial and agressive hierarchical behavior. The largest male will, from time to time, chase after and abuse the others of his tribe in order to remind them that he is the boss. And I have even seen this behavior on the part of apes in the zoos here in the USA. And we see this behavior in other mammals, which are also are ancestors.

We are apes, and to deny this is to don the mask of deception, for the sole purpose of gaining advantage over others. Please, right now, perhaps for the first time in your life, admit that you are an ape.

Once you make the decision to be honest about yourself and humanity, you have to abandon conceptions of the piety of naxalism, as you will have to admit that there is no essential goodness in that ideology, as humans are incapable of goodness.

The word "good", in every language, means only "good for me" or "pleasing to me" and the like.

The word "good" is a valuation word, just as is it's opposite, "bad".

Naxals recruit by calling others "brothers" and "sisters", with a kind of affection known as "solidarity". But, remembering that no one is good, and all claims to goodness are deceptions, it is not at all difficult to see that when the naxal calls someone "brother" or "sister", such an act is an act of cunning, meant to decieve the other for the purpose of self gain.

Of course the naxal will claim he/she really does care about others, and is not seeking self gain. But in truth, the naxal is seeking self gain, as he/she computes that he will have an easier life with more material wealth in a Maoist type system, then he/she would have if left to seek gain based on one's own talents and ambitions.

The naxal is basically a human-ape who has given up trying to make it in life, and instead has sought refuge in the character of a parasite, like the aphid or tapeworm. And it is because a very long time ago we all have ancestors who were aphids or tapeworms or the like that we humans know how to be parasites - we are actually born with such knowledge, more accurately called intuition.

Indian poverty, born of too much sex which creates too many children, who then grow up to be too many adults -- Indian poverty contributes to the popularity of naxalism, because overpopulation creates excessive competition and reduces the odds of making it on one's own.

So then we have to see how really messed up this situation is. While in some cases the parents of a naxalite might be opposed to naxalism, it is the parents who gave birth to too many children and thereby contributed to the popularity of naxalism. Are you really opposed to naxalism if you make too many children?

In the USA, we have done a good job of slowing our population growth, as we, being mostly Europeans with a Christian tradition, have good impulse control and can refrain from sex when the woman is fertile, or we use condoms and birth control pills.

Most Indians know how to prevent a pregnancy, but refuse to regulate their birth rate, as they, in an act of complete admission of failure and weakness, make excessive children for the sake of support in their old age. "But we are poor - how else can we be supported in our old age?" they say.

Yet other cultures around the world have regulated their birth rate, even China, thus the Indian excuse is an excuse, and the making of excuses supports my contention that there is no human goodness, only human deceit.

And to further drive home the point that naxals are petty and mean, we note that they do have a hierarchical structure, just like those they condemn. And each naxal who is higher up in the hierarchy, loves his elevation, from which he looks down with scorn upon those beneath him, and this scorn is the greatest of all human scorn, as the naxal upper management, deep in their black hearts, knows that they are not the saints they claim to be, and all the naxals under their authority are simply those who are more stupid and weak than they are.

No one would want to buy a car that is weak, an ox or camel that is weak, a roof that leaks, an appliance that breaks down shortly after purchase. Because we are all quite self-interested, we prefer things that are strong and durable.

And yet naxal leadership, in order to keep their power, which they love so dearly, prefer a cadre that is weak and broken, because they are the ones who are most easily decieved and used.

There may be no human group more despicalbe than Indian naxals, except of course the psychotic Muslim conservatives, the Taliban and Al Queda types, who are in fact psychotic, that is to say, their brain is in a state of dysfunction, and such a state makes them easy targets for brainwashing by their leaders, who themselves want to be worshiped, and likely do not believe in Allah or any kind of god.

The Indian Naxal is a cowardly, dishonest, deceptive and broken human being, and if they had any integrity at all they would all just kill themselves as an admission that they are incapable of waging the struggle for existence, and are nothing more than excessive human baggage.

Naxalsim is such a profuond mental disease of failure that it literally reverses all normal human valuation, and calls the weak and ugly "good" and the strong and beautiful "bad". Thus, it should be clear to any honest person that naxalism is like cancer, it is the exact analog of
cancer, in that it seeks to turn healthy humans into decaying flesh, weakness that does nothing except produce more weakness, for the sake of sustaining itself. Naxalim spreads like a virus. And as all viruses seek dominion over their hosts, we see that Maoists and Stalinists, and even Fidel Castro merely sought power over those they preyed upon.

Naxals say they oppose power, but in fact they lust after it. We know what a psycho Stalin was, and now that China has been more forthcoming we know that Mao was psycho also, and quite the hedonist. Mao did not live the simple life he required his people to live. Why does anyone still think he was a great man? What foolishness!

And look at Castro - many people don't really understand what Fidel Castro did in Cuba. He overthrew and tossed out the previous plantation owners, and made himself the grandest plantation owner of all time, the boss of all Cuba. To suggest that Castro is a good person is to sink into total stupidity and to forget that there are no good persons, except perhaps a very few oddballs here and there, such as Mother Theresa, who for all we know was crazy.

And as it is claimed that China gives aid to the naxals, we have to see Indian naxals as so embarrasingly stupid, that their total eradication may be necessary for no reason other than to avoid such embarrassment. For while China is aiding the naxals and destabilzing India, which scares off capital investment, China is herself moving towards capitalism, and has garnered a huge chunk of sales to the USA and the Americas, edging India out of those markets. China does not want competition with India for the market of the Americas, as she knows that the nature of the Indian people is more compatible with Americans than is that of Chinese, and when the day comes that India decides to out-compete China for the markets of the Americas, India will put a huge dent in the Chinese economy.

China aids the naxals to create dysfunction in the Indian nation to prevent India from competing with China. Anyone who does not understand this must be a fool. I suggest you read the I-Ching, which is still read by Chinese leadership today. The Chinese view the Indians as stupid pawns to be decieved and used as necessary, but never publicaly insulted, as that would alienate and create an enemy. The Chinese power elite have always viewed "others" as those to be used as needed.

What China fears is that Indians especially, as well some other south Asians, have the personalities and crazy yet productive and inventive minds that are uniquely compatible with Europeans and Americans. Indians who work in the USA become more integrated into the fabric of the community than do Chinese. Indians can dance and have a sense of humor - Chinese are bad dancers and have only a fatalistic, mean sense of humor.

If the naxals would just be honest for once, stop their terror and just get out of the way, India will become the USA of Asia, with piped water and electricity everywhere, clean and paved streets, street lights, good building codes, and everything else that makes life comfortable.

The naxal is not a human, he/she is an anti-human, a thoughtless zombie that does not deserve the normal consideration for rights and justice accorded those who love stength and beauty.

Much of the time, the discussion about naxalsim takes the tone of right and wrong, solidarity or individuality, and the rich dominating the poor.

Let us change that debate and stress that naxalism is stupidity, weakness and parasitism, and a devolution of humanity to the level of insects. Let us look at the former Soviet Union, China and Cuba as ant colonies with soldier ants, worker ants, and of course, the Queen Bee. Yes, communist nations have their kings, they are fuedal and paternalistic, they are in fact everything they claim they are not. They are, as I have been stressing, deceptions. Humans are deceivers. I rest my case.