Saturday, January 26, 2008

'Lip service' to anti-Naxal drive

25 Jan 2008, 0353 hrs IST,TNN

CHANDRAPUR: For cops in Chandrapur and other adjoining districts, anti-Naxal operations were never about paying lip service to contain the rebel movement. Now, they are preparing to literally pay lip service to the anti-Naxal operations. The police department here has initiated intensive linguistic training for its personnel by teaching them Telugu, Bengali and Urdu, to better understand the Naxals, who rely a lot on support from the local populations, which speak these languages.

Operational requirements have forced the cops to take this sudden interest in linguistics. The Naxals have a wide-spread base in West Bengal, so Bengali is a language commonly used among them. Also, this region shares a border with Andhra Pradesh, where Telugu is the mother tongue, and which is the home state for many Naxals. Urdu, like wise, is intensively used in bordering areas of AP and even in Chandrapur district, making it necessary for cops to get a good grip on these languages, said a senior police officer.

Similar training has been started in other Naxal-infested districts like Gadchiroli and Gondia, informed police sources.

When contacted, additional director general of police, anti Naxal operations (ANO), Pankaj Gupta said they do conduct such courses to develop linguistic skills among cops. Chandrapur SP Chhering Dorje said classes for Urdu and Bengali have already started, while classes for Telugu would start soon.

"Around 50 cops will be trained, including staff of anti-Naxal cell, in the three languages, Telugu, Bengali and Urdu. The classes for the same have been started at police headquarters recently and lingual experts in the department have been given the job. Police have even sought help of private tutors to accomplish the task. A lady tutor for teaching Urdu has already been recruited at Chandrapur police headquarters," said a senior police officer.

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