Sunday, January 20, 2008

MPTC member held on extortion charge

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Three persons, including a Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency (MPTC) member from Warangal district, were arrested for allegedly extorting money claiming themselves as naxalites by the L.B. Nagar police on Saturday.

While MPTC member R. Sriramulu, 37, was arrested earlier by the city police on similar charges, his cousin R. Rammurthy, 25, and another associate P. Venkateswara Rao landed behind the bars for the first time. The trio targeted 19 persons in Cyberabad Police Commissionerate jurisdiction in the past three years and extorted nearly Rs. 20 lakh, SI B. Anji Reddy said.

The gang was also planning to extort money from MLC Kasani Gyaneshwar and prepared a letter threatening him to pay money. Along with this letter, the police seized a vehicle, SIM cards, fake letterheads in the name of naxalites and fake driving licenses.

Hailing from Warangal, the trio prepared letterheads in the name of CPI (ML) Chandra Pulla Reddy Praja Prathighatana group’s Telangana Regional Committee. Sriramulu used to send letters in this name to his ‘targets’ accusing them of suppressing the poor and demand payment of money.

He collected Rs. 20 lakh in the past four three years and allegedly resorted to extortions in the limits of Banajara Hills and Chaderghat police stations in the city .

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