Friday, June 20, 2008

Dhanbads Maoist is today a peasant

By Suman Negi

Dhanbad, June 20 (ANI): While many youngsters find it hard to come out of the web of Naxalism, there are several persons who after having served their terms in jails take to righteous path and start living a happy life with their families in peace.
Dhanbad districts Kishore Lala is one such example.

Once a hard-core Naxal, he is today a happy farmer who is supporting his family with his hard work in fields. He has set an example for others and shown how things can change if one decides to give up violence in life.

Kishore, a resident of Maniadih Village took to weapons in 1987 and got involved in many cases.

Police arrested him in 1997.

While serving his jail term Kishore Lala realized where he went wrong in his life and decided to take to righteous path. He decided not to get drawn to the groups who develop hatred and bloodshed, which he followed for years.

Kishore Lala, says: That time, I was holding gun and leading the Peasants Revolution. But, this time, I am holding a plough, again leading the peasants. Now, I want to grow more and more harvest so that I could give happiness to my family.
After his release from jail, Kishore started living a normal life.
He started farming on his land. And, today, he is growing good harvests of wheat in his field.

His family also encouraged him in his pursuit. Today, he is spending a peaceful life with his family who is happy to see the big transformation in him.
Poonam Devi, Kishore Lalas wife, says: He is spending a normal life with us and supporting the family. Though we are living below poverty line, we are happy with his move. He is doing farming for the last four years. I am happy that he is doing hard work. Actually, it is much better than his earlier life.
Neetu Kumari, Kishore Lalas daughter, said: When I learnt that my father was a Naxal, I felt very bad. Because no matter how hard I try to rise in life, his name would have always remained attached to my identity. But now my father is leading a normal life as a peasant. I am very happy with his decision. He is providing for the family and ensuring we get proper education. And all this, he is doing by his sheer hard work.
Kishore Lalas conscience made him to leave the path of violence. That is why, taking a lesson from his big mistake, he decided to be a part of the mainstream. (ANI)

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