Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kuwait says naxal elements infiltrating Gulf nations: report

Dubai, Jun 5 (PTI) Kuwait has claimed that Naxalites have infiltrated into Gulf countries, blaming them for a wave of strikes by foreign workers in the region.
According to a recent report of the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, there was evidence that the group had decided to enter Gulf countries, which are their "enemy No 2 after India", because of the alleged inhuman treatment meted out to Asian labourers in the region, a daily has reported.

Suggesting new curbs on Asian workers, the Ministry has proposed that their entry be "rationalised", so as to prevent naxal element from creeping into the country.

The security report, which has identified naxals as 'a group that works among poor farmers and workers, supplying them with arms to wage a war against their respective governments', has warned against their attempts to infiltrate Asian labourers into GCC countries.

"The ministry suspects the recent protests by labourers in different parts of the Gulf could have been part of Naxal activities, as protesters even attacked embassies of their countries," Al-Rai daily quoted the report.

The Naxals, the report said, consider the Middle East as capitalists who achieve progress by importing cheap Asian labour and treat them inhumanly and hence their enemy.

Citing corruption and failure to stop residence permit trading as the major causes of this problem, the report called for "rationalising" the entry of Asian workers, especially Bangladeshis, "since many were involved in criminal acts".

It further said that Asian workers should be hired only as cleaners and shepherds and a close watch should be kept on Naxalite activities in Kuwait to prevent undesirable penetration of Asian communities. PTI


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this report is authentic!!!!!

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