Thursday, June 05, 2008

Naxal knock in Vindhya region: Intelligence should be alert

Naxal activities in the State presently seem to be on the decline. But, the silence of Naxals in Balaghat, Mandla and Dindori etc should not be taken for granted that Naxalites have become good people. This silence may indicate that they could be busy in making big strikes. Some times back their activity was reported in Sidhi. According to recent information, naxalism is spreading gradually from Rewa to Allahabad area. They have formed an organisation with the name of RAC (Rewa Allahabad Chitrakoot). Activities of this committee indicates that the newly formed Singrauli district might be made centre of extremism. According to information, from the border of Uttar Pradesh earlier they had been running training camp and now this Naxal organisation is busy in extending the affected area through RAC. Committee activists are busy in provoking anger among the villagers who live adjoining areas of hills and jungles. Poor, Dalit and tortured tribals are joining this committee rapidly. According to news, Sidhi, Singrauli and Rewa of the state and Mirzapur, Allahabad and Chitrakoot districts of Uttar Pradesh are being made centre of naxal activities. According to intelligence sources, Singrauli is energy capital of Vindhya and there are possibilities of good investment in future. Naxals would try to take advantage of it spreading terror. The naxals get chance and take advantage due to poverty, starvation, exploitation and torture in this area. Local police-administration would have to keep an eye on their activities. There is need to make intelligence and information system more strong. The government should pay attention for checking extremist activities in Vindhya area. Otherwise naxals may launch big strikes leading to deaths of innocent people.

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