Friday, June 06, 2008

Naxalites back RSP proposal

Statesman News Service

SILIGURI, June 5: Several Naxalite factions are inclined to support the alternative Left Front proposal mooted by the Revolutionary Socialist Party, though most of them expressed their reservation about the Trinamul Congress.
According to the Naxalite leaders, it is time for all Left parties who have a true commitment towards a radical transformation of the socio-economic structure to come together and form a broad-based Left platform.
The RSP has recently carried forward the alternative Left Front notion and the party will soon organise a convention in New Delhi on the issue.
Endorsing the RSP proposal, veteran Naxalite leader Mr Kanu Sanyal said that the proposal came at the right moment.
“We have reservations about the RSP being on friendly terms with the Trinamul Congress, though,” Mr Sanyal said.
Mr Abhijit Majumder of the CPI-ML (Liberation) and Mr Indranil Bhattacharya of the CPI-ML (Provisional Central Committee) also expressed the same view, though Mr Sridhar Mukherjee of the CPI-ML (New Democracy) said that his party was not hostile towards the TMC.
Slamming the CPI-M, Mr Kanu Sanyal said that the party had ceased to be a Left organisation.
An alternative Left consolidation is a must excluding all the rightist parties like the TMC,” Mr Sanyal observed.
Welcoming the RSP proposal, Mr Abhijit Majumder said that the grim socio-economic situation warranted the formation of an alternative Left Front. “The CPI-M must be taught a lesson, but we will not accept the TMC,” he said.
The CPI-ML (PCC) also echoed the view. “We will staunchly support the RSP's proposal though TMC should be kept out,” the CPI-ML (PCC) leader Mr Indranil Bhattacharya said.
Moving a step further, Mr Sridhar Mukherjee, a CPI-ML (ND) leader said that his party had no reservation towards the TMC. “The principal task is to remove the CPI-M from power,” Mr Mukherjee said.

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