Friday, June 20, 2008

Naxals gaining ground in mining belt: Parrikar


PANJIM, JUNE 19 — The police intelligence will have some serious work to do in the coming days on getting concrete information on naxal activities, if any, in the State.
At a second sitting of the Ad-hoc Committee on Home inviting suggestions at the Assembly complex on Thursday, Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar raised the issue stating around seven-eight naxals from Jharkhand were active in Goa.
Parrikar, who chaired the sitting, said a naxal module was in operation here in the mining belts. He maintained these people were instigating locals in their fight against mining.
He held that some of these people were involved in showing video footages on how to make ‘koitas’ and kill policemen.
A top police official told Herald the people operating in the mining areas had an ideology similar to that of naxalites. We had information about them sometime when the Advalpal uprising against mining was on, he stated and added, “we are investigating to get to the root”.
The officer said there was a change in the nature of agitations against mining operations in the State of late. Now one sees women and children at the forefront and that’s what Naxalites do, he said adding, “they do this so that police is in no position to act against them and if they do then the results are adverse”.
SIMI: Parrikar warned that the Students Islamic Movement of India was shifting its operations to Goa as Karnataka was becoming too hot for them.

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