Friday, June 20, 2008

Red corridor spreading to Goa

20 Jun 2008, 0332 hrs IST,TNN

Naxal activity in Goa mining belt has the government worried

PANAJI: The government is worried that the red corridor could extend its activities to Goa. “In the last two or three years there have been Naxal activities in the state. There are Naxals from the tribal areas of Jharkhand who have links with CPI (ML), a banned organisation operating in the state,” said leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar.

Parrikar was chairing the Goa Legislative Assembly ad hoc committee on home on Thursday. The issue attracted great concern during discussions. The issue of SIMI entering Goa was also discussed. IGP Kishan Kumar said, “We are fully aware of the sensitivity of the issue.”

It is alleged that a group of about seven persons, three of them from Goa, having Naxal links are operating in the mining areas under the guise of uplifting the underprivileged. The Naxals are preying upon the mining belt taking advantage of the suppression of the people, hoping to instigate them against the authorities.

Targeting the mining areas of Bicholim, Quepem and Sanguem, the group has often spoken briefly, yet powerfully against mining activities, police harassment and people's rights.

A top police official confirmed that the Goa police have kept a close watch on the activities of the Naxals in the state and prepared a report that would be soon submitted to the government. The report clearly states that at the present time the group may not be an apparent cause of concern, but if not checked it could quickly turn into a serious law and order problem.

Their modus operandi is to put women and children in the front of any agitation as was witnessed during the recent anti-mining agitation at Advalpal,”“ added the official.

Parrikar said that though the operations of the Naxal group are not visible, they have spread themselves and operate by instigating people. “In Colamba they are showing videos of how to make weapons and how to kill.”

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