Monday, June 02, 2008

Shindolli a safe haven for terrorists

Monday June 2 2008 10:50 IST
Express News Service

BELGAUM: It is alarming that Shindolli, located just 3 km away from the Air Force Training Centre and 11 km from Belgaum, has become a safe heaven for terrorists and naxalites.

The crime rate in Shindolli was very low. Most of the residents are Air Force officials and Cambell Knitwear factory staff. However, Shindolli entered the police records after a naxal couple staying here, was killed in an encounter with the Andhra Pradesh police.

Suspected Islamic terrorist Liyakhatali Sayyad of Kusru Nagar in Malmaruti zone along with few others also selected Shindolli to ignite the gas cylinder bombs. Sayyad rented a house at Shindolli, said to belong to one his associates.

Landowners here have converted their agricultural lands to non-agri land. Many of them built houses expecting to generate extra income. However, many of the 3,500 houses here are unoccupied.

With houses going abegging, many house owners are renting out at very low rates.

The owners do not even bother to get more details about tenants. The naxal couple stayed at Shindolli for many months. It was said that the they told the neighbours that they were working in Belgaum.

The couple used to leave their house early morning and return late in the night. The house-owner had no details of the couple.

In the wake of increasing terrorist activities in the State, residents here opine that police patrol should be intensified in Shindolli since it is located near the Air Force station and Sambra Airport.

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