Friday, June 06, 2008

There will be more 'Operation Nayagarha', warn maoists

ORISSA Jun 6, 2008

Friday June 6 2008 09:02 IST

BERHAMPUR: Almost four months after the Nayagarh raid and attack on police stations along Ganjam- Nayagarh, red ultras have now come out in open to claim responsibility. In a booklet circulated in different places, the Maoists chronicled why and how they executed the raid. According to the booklet, the operation was code named ‘Operation Ropeway’.

They have warned that in future more such operations will be carried out in retaliation to government actions. They have claimed themselves as ‘revolutionaries’ or ‘Naxalites’, not ‘terrorists or ultras’. It is the government and its machinery which are engaging in exploitation of the common man and using brutal force to suppress the mass movement, the Maoists claimed.

All the elected governments are acting as agents of capitalists, but the people are not fooled by them rather they are whole-heartedly supporting the Naxalite movements, the booklet stated. In this operation around 193 cadres participated, out of which 50 women cadres were armed with only 100 weapons, 20 automatic or semi-automatic weapons and 80 low-grade weapons.

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