Friday, December 26, 2008

Maoists appoint spokesman

Published: December 26,2008

Kolkata , Dec 26 With the West Bengal government not banning Maoists and instead proposing to tackle them politically, the ultras have appointed a spokesman to air their views.

Gour Chakraborty, a state committee member of&apos Ganapratirodh Mancha&aposresigned from his post to take up the new responsibility.

" They (maoists) have requested me to take up this responsibility and I have accepted it. I will try to air their political views publicly," Chakraborty told reporters here.

Asked if this meant the Maoists were coming overground, he said he could not comment on it as he was not connected with organisational matters.

Source: PTI


मिहिरभोज said...

good a terrorist outfit has its spokes person..good move..and this can be possible only in a secular state like india where a patriot can be narcoed for several times but these anti social elements are given full waitage....your blog is very good..visit some times
i gave link of your blog to blog

Mirza Salman Ahmed Baig said...

India is only a so called secular state for proof you may read the Sachar Commission Report.

This report was made by Justice Sachar appointed by PM Manmohen.

Anonymous said...

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