Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Mysore, Mar. 25 (BRS&ACP)- Two Naxalites, who were inmates of the Mysore Central Prison, were set free on Tuesday. Ujjayini Gowda, aged 40, a Naxalite who was put behind the bars in a case registered against him, was freed from the charges by a Chikka-magalur court, which was the reason for setting him free. Another Naxalite, Jagannath alias Umesh, aged 25, who secured bail from a Shimoga court, also was set free.

Another Naxalite Mallika, who was accused along with Ujjayini Gowda in the same case, had also been cleared of the charges in the case, could not be set free because some cases involving her are pending in the Court.

Ujjayini Gowda hails from Gulagatta village, Malavalli taluk, Mandya. Police had charged that he had shifted to Chikkamagalur and was an active Naxalite. Many cases had been registered against him on charges that he was an active member of 'Tunga' naxal group. He was set free after charges against him in a case registered in Sringeri Police Station were cleared.

Jagannath alias Umesh hails from Gopigondanahalli, Honnali Taluk in Davanagere. He had taken residence near the popular rice mill in Shimoga.

The Shimoga Police had charged Jagannath of indulging in Naxalite activities and had registered cases against him under Arms Act and Explosive Materials Act.

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