Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bharatiya Janata Party condemns UPA government for its double standard

Submitted by Business Desk on March 21, 2009 - 13:36

Bharatiya Janata Party condemns UPA government for its double standard applied in two states of Orissa and Meghalaya. In Orissa the voting on the floor of the house was not properly conducted and was not even recorded. The Governor also has submitted report to this effect. BJP has demanded immediate imposition of President's Rule in Orissa. UPA government turned deaf ears to the demand and allowed Shri Naveen Patnaik Govt. to continue in office. This is clear violation of the spirit of Constitution. On the other hand in Meghalaya UPA government imposed President's Rule even though a proper voting was carried and registered on the floor of the house. The government survived on the casting vote of the speaker in Meghalaya.

The UPA government resorted to imposition of President's Rule on selective basis as a political game plan. This is nothing but subversion of democracy. UPA has done this time and again to subvert democratic institutions in its five year of misrule. BJP demands imposition of President's Rule in Orissa and restoration of government in Meghalaya.

UPA government's claim of taming the inflation and that of Bharat Nirman have been exposed by the tragic incidence of attempt by seven members of the family to commit suicide in the National Capital. The poor family, which was suffering from hunger for several days, had to resort to this extreme step even though girls in the family were topping the school exams. The whole concept of social security net has gone haywire. Even the hunger index published by the world body has placed India at the lower position than its earlier position.

The inflation figures indicate deflation setting in and not ground reality faced by the common man. The prices of all essential items like rice, wheat, atta, edible oil sugar, tea etc. have not come down. And the Consumer Price Index has remained at 9%.

Bharatiya Janata Party condemns Orissa government for its total failure to maintain Law and Order and pleading helplessness in front of Maoists. BJP demands full fledged inquiry into the killing of Shri Prabhat Panigrahi because it is feared that the killings will continue. Even it is doubted whether the killers are Naxalite or Christian militants under the guise of Naxalites. Shri Panigrahi was eliminated as he knew the conspiracy to kill Swami Laxmanada Saraswati.

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