Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mobiles, cash, Naxal literature recovered in jail raid

Published: March 15,2009

Jehanabad , Mar 15 Police today seized four mobile phones, cash and Naxalite literature during a raid on the jail in this Bihar district.

While one cell phone was recovered from Kundan Sharma, an activist of the banned militia of upper caste land owners Ranvir Sena, two phones were found behind ward numbers four and five, while another was found near the toilet of ward number six, police sources said.

Rs 2,000 cash and Naxalite literature were recovered from the possession of one Lalji Das and Rs 600 from one Biran Yadav.

The district administration has ordered an inquiry to ascertain how such articles reached the inmates and whether there was any complicity of the jail staff in the matter.

Source: PTI

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