Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Experts review terror threats


Ranchi, April 1: A team of experts from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Special Protection Group (SPG) arrived in the state capital today to assess threat perceptions from Naxalites and Islamic fundamentalist forces, particularly Lashkar-e-Toiba (Let), in the wake of the general elections.

The security experts held a meeting with senior officials at the police headquarters to work out effective ways and means to face the challenges.

They are also likely to visit different parts of the state to evaluate the ground realities.

According to sources, several terrorist squads are believed to have entered the country with a mission to kill some top politicians during campaigns and disrupt the election process. Police suspect that a Let squad has entered Jharkhand too.

State director-general of police V.D. Ram has already directed the superintendents of police to ensure that the forces never moved in vehicles on kuchha roads.

An officer of the special branch said Naxalites are yet to begin their groundwork. “The rebels are either waiting to strike deals directly with potential candidates or something else is cooking in their minds,” the official added.

However, the police admitted that vague information was available on the presence of Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives in the state and tracking them was practically impossible.

Ironically, they seem to be banking on Naxalites to foil the nefarious designs of terrorists.

If the Maoists rise against the terrorists, the latter will never succeed in their mission in Jharkhand, pointed out a senior police official.

“The rebels should realise that there will be sympathy for BJP if the Islamic fundamentalist forces are able to prove their point during elections. And if the party comes to power, the Maoist organisations will face bigger threats from the official machinery,” said a senior official of the IB.

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