Saturday, April 04, 2009

Naxalite surrenders after being charged with murder

RAJNAGAR, April 4: A 67-year-old Naxalite leader, Mr Horibol Mal, surrendered today in Rajnagar police station. Mr Mal is under suspicion of involvement in the murder of a CPM leader. Police have been searching for the Naxalite leader for the past six months.
Today, nearly 100 CPI-ML supporters - led by the district secretary Mr Sailen Mishra - agitated in front of Rajnagar police station, alleging that police have labeled their old party leader as a Maoist, following a directive from the CPM leadership.

“Today, our old leader, who is a cardiac and diabetic patient, was forced to surrender as police started torturing residents of Kushbani village from where he hails. Police have ridiculously labeled him a Maoist and claimed he was involved in the murder of a CPM leader, Nandalal Mistri, on 22 September, 2008. Today, we agitated in front of the police station against this unruly and ridiculous step by police. They are operating under the direction of CPM leaders,” Mr Sailen Mishra, district secretary of the CPI-ML, said.

Three months ago, police arrested Sainik Mal, son of Horibol, from his residence, on suspicion of his being a Maoist. According to police, the Naxalite cadre was wanted in the Nandalal Mistri case. Nandalal, a CPM leader, was shot dead - allegedly by Maoists - in Rajnagar, six months ago. Surprisingly, Horibol Mal's name was not included in the FIR registered in the case. SNS

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