Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naxals are ready for more ferocious attack

April 16th, 2009 - 11:52 pm ICT by Lambodar Prasad Dash -

Bhubaneswar(orissa):On 16th april( 1st phase voting) they targated 7 places but no one died or injuried in it. Even after their threatining people cast their vote. But according to the reliable sources the naxals may strike again with more ferocious manner at the time of counting or at the place where the ballot boxes has been kept.
The recent ativities of naxals in orissa particularly in malkangiri district to disrupt election process sends a clear message that they already setup their strong hold at malkangiri. The informations from cobra battalion and the intelligence report also agree it. The maoist’s Malkangiri regional committe secretary Ramal in an interview just three days before the 1st phase of general election, clearly spoken that they any how want to stop the election in Malkangiri. Because they already setup a parallel government ” Janata Sarkar” there.

According the interview with the ramal, they already setup ” Janata Sarkar” in 10 GPs of malkangiri. Every year they selected a poor tribe among the villagers as the leader. If he find any how incompetent for the post they immediately remove him and selected a new leader. Every week they organise ” janata Darbar”, there they decide which development work shoud be undertaken. Accordingly the villagers work volunterily. They also set up bal sangham (children regiment), mahila sangham, for military training.

According to the Cobra batalion sources, They simply want to wipe out all the political leaders in the district. and they already taken the steps Already they setup their R&A centres in the deep forests of Malkangiri, which are some how inaccssible. Now they posted some 400 hard core naxals in different parts of malkangiri. In their process to create a strong hold in this area they killed nanda kartami, a BJP leader and ex Zilla parishad chairman of malkangiri just 20 days befroe the general election, after they killed Samrudhha Odisha MLA candidate somanath madkami. Before this they did not killed or targated such big political leaders. Among three, who are in the maoists hitlist, two above mentioned persons has been killed, another, the former State minister Aravinda Dhali. was rescued from three killing bids and taken shelter at Bhubaneswar, On last Sunday night they attacked NALCO explosive godown. Because they want to take all the explosives, which they should have used to disrupt election. but ironiclly their attempt was foiled.

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