Monday, April 13, 2009

Naxals take responsibility of murders

Statesman News Service
MALKANGIRI, April 12: The Left-wing rebels have claimed responsibility for the twin murders in the district. Nanda Kartami and Somnath Madkami were eliminated for various misdeeds, they have reportedly pointed out.
Nanda Kartami was punished by the Naxals, claimed the Malkangiri divisional committee secretary Ramal in a Press release sent to different media people here.
The letter stated that Kartami had never been kind to the tribals. He has misappropriated money and rice from the food for work programmes.
Though a tribal leader, he has never raised his voice against the killing of innocent tribals by the police in the name of Naxals in the year 2008.
This apart, Kartami was trying to start Salwa Judum-like activities like those of Chhattisgarh in Malkangiri district with village Pedas and Pujaris. That is why he was killed.
The ultras have also taken the responsibility of killing Somnath Madkami, the candidate for Malkangiri Assembly constituency on a Samruddha Odisha ticket. He was killed for his alleged anti-Naxal activities, they claimed.

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