Friday, April 24, 2009

One unexploded landmine defused

25 Apr 2009, 0323 hrs IST, Priti Nath Jha, TNN

MUZAFFARPUR: A bomb disposal squad on Friday defused a landmine in the remote Mohabbatpur village of Muzaffarpur district -- the place where Maoists
had triggered a landmine blast on Thursday evening, killing five persons of a polling party on the spot. It was one of the two landmines placed by the Maoists there which somehow failed to go off.

Earlier, a team of landmine detectors arrived at the place of occurrence from Jharkhand and sanitised the adjoining areas on Friday. Then the unexploded landmine, weighing about 5 kg and kept in a stainless steel utensil, was dug out from a two-foot deep hole from the blast site and defused by the bomb disposal squad specially despatched from Patna. An STF team from Delhi is also expected to reach there soon to probe the blast. Incidentally, this kind of blast is alien to this area, sources said.

It is believed that the landmines were planted well before the polling hours began because as sources said it must have taken at least two hours to place those two landmines, and doing that during daytime was just not possible. The Maoists, sources said, were certainly not locals as local Naxals do not have this kind of expertise.

A shocked DM Vipin Kumar and SP Sudhanshu Kumar were not yet ready to give any details of the follow-up action.

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