Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sringeri: Handbills from Nexalites ask people not to vote

SRINGERI, April 21, 2009: This temple town woke up on Tuesday with handbills all over the place, sending shivers in the people. The handbills warned them in stern tone not to vote. The handbills were written by Communist Party of India (Maoists).

One of the copies picked up by the people in town today stated that "Hindus were trying to take over the Hindustan and we should not vote them, Hinduism was destroying culture and were torturing Muslims and Christians, they should not be allowed to come to power" it said.

It warned the people against voting and called on them to help the Maoists come to power in India. The handbills were signed by one Bhaskar who identifies himself as a leader of the CPI(Maoists) of a place called Drakpatha, Nobody has heard or seen such a place, People in Sringeri were afraid to talk to the media persons and said Naxalites carry guns and anytime they can attack them. They were also afraid to tell the police.

On enquiry the media persons have found out that it is not just Sringeri but also other places along the Western Ghats in villages and towns these handbills have been distributed by Naxalites. The towns include Shankaranarayana Belthangady, Agumbe, Mudigere, Kottigehar, Sita Nadi and Venoor.

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