Friday, May 08, 2009

NAGPUR: 'Maoist 'secret cell' operating in city'

9 May 2009, 0316 hrs IST, Soumittra S Bose, TNN

NAGPUR: State Anti-Naxal Operation cell (ANO) is concerned that secret cells of Maoists may be working in city to recruit and mobilise cadres. State
ANO chief Pankaj Gupta said that there should be proper clamp down on the Naxal urban cadres to counter their strategies to drum up support for their ideological struggle.

Naxal literature, seized during an operation, exposed the rebels' strategy of keeping urban centres active to ensure recruitment and leadership which they feel is 'essential for people's war and establishment of liberated areas'. It says that urban movement complements rural struggle. The literature clearly indicated that the Naxals depended on the urban revolutionary movement for provision, supplies, tech-support, information and other needs to sustain their so-called war. It also lays equal importance on the movements revolving women, dalit, and religious minorities for mobilising them for revolutionary struggle. The strategy also calls for building a united front in the cities.

Apart from Mumbai, the economic capital, Naxal cadres are learnt to be focusing on their activities through the front organisations in Vidarbha too. Sources claimed that cadres have different identities for various places where they operate to confound the security agencies. The Orange city, which is strategically positioned, always remained a preferred venue for the cadres for meeting.

Gupta said, top cadres operate from 'safe-houses'. Medical facilities available in Nagpur also attracted Naxal cadres from everywhere. City police, after being alerted by intelligence agencies, have started keeping a watch on the medical institutions. The urban cadres, eyeing the youths, try to penetrate the educational institutions. The youths are roped into the movement of the front organisation under the garb of socio-cultural movement. Gupta pointed out that the cadres many times enrol into colleges as students and carry out their activities.
"The physically fit youths are tactfully shifted to hinterlands for armed struggle, the mentally tougher lots are retained in the cities to carry out agitations and propaganda in the masses," he said. Gupta cited the case of Manoj Sonule in Chandrapur as an example. Sonule and his aides were part of the Chandrapur-based 'Deshbhakti Yuva Manch' which indoctrinated the youths. He was also paid to smuggle arms and ammunitions. He was inspired to join the movement by Arun Thomas Ferreira and present secretary of Maharashtra state committee Milind Teltumbde.

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