Friday, May 08, 2009

Police wireless set gets stolen in Maoist belt

8 May 2009, 0518 hrs IST, TNN

MIDNAPORE: The West Midnapore district police has stopped wireless communication with four police stations in the heart of Maoist country. The
reason: a wireless set got stolen a few days ago, and police apprehend that it can be used to tap into their communication.

"We have stopped wireless communication with four police stations Lalgarh, Binpur, Belpahari and Jamboni since Tuesday because a wireless set of Binpur got stolen a few days ago. We are concerned because these wireless talkie sets are very powerful, and anybody can use these to tap into all police messages. We do not have the technology to lock only the wireless set from Binpur, which is why the district police has stopped all communication with all fours police stations," said a district police source.

In the absence of wireless communication, mobile phones have come as the only means of communication. "Our seniors are now keeping in touch with us through mobile phones. That is a problem, as some of the jungle areas of Belpahari do not have proper network coverage. Also, we are being compelled to keep our mobiles switched on 24X7," rued an officer of Belpahari PS.

Manoj Verma, the West Midnapore SP, confirmed that they were not communicating via wireless. "It is true that a wireless set was snatched on Saturday night from Binpur police officers and that we have stopped wireless communication for the last three days," he said.

Verma said that the wireless set was stolen by Maoists and maoist-backed PCPA members when they had held hostage four police officers at Shirshi for five hours and snatched their rifles. It was later that Binpur OC Kushal Mitra rescued his colleagues.

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