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Centre bans Maoists; Bengal pessimistic

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NEW DELHI/KOLKATA: The Centre on Monday banned the Maoists as a terrorist outfit but the CPM, whose government is battling a Naxal siege in Lalgarh, West Bengal, said the proscription does not work and they have to be fought politically.

After a high-level meeting here in the backdrop of security forces’ operations in West Midnapore district in West Bengal, the Union Home Ministry brought the group in the list of terrorist outfits, banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Home Minister P Chidambaram said the government decided on the fresh ban under the UAPA to avoid any ambiguity following the merger of CPI (ML) and the People’s War Group, with the Marxist Coordination Committee.

On the CPM and the Left Front stand that the Maoists need to be fought politically and administratively and a ban does not work, the Minister said he still felt there is a distinction between party and government and hoped West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattarcharjee would consider his suggestion to ban the outfit and his Cabinet would take an approriate decision.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Left Front chairman Biman Bose in a statement said that imposing a ban on Maoist organisation would not help solve the problem. “Instead the LF would fight politically,” the statement said.

Chief secretary Ashok Mohan Chakraborty said at the Writers’ Buildings that they were consulting with legal experts whether it was mandatory for the state government to follow the directive of the Centre on this matter. He said it would not be an administrative decision. “The Chief Minister will discuss the matter with his Cabinet colleagues and senior government officials after that he will take the decision,” he said.


Communists have terrorist trade unions, that stunted the growth of industries in Kerala and Bengal. Thumba being near to equator, was planned to be a space city, but violent trade unions have beaten up the ISRO officers on a petty canteen issue, resulting in Sriharikkotta development. Leaders of communist parties became rich and placed their own kids in better jobs. EMS a maniac communist leader gave pensions for muslim terrorists who killed and raped and forcibly converted hindus in north Kerala, in the infamous moppila lahala of 1921, as freedom fighters to collect muslim votes. The idiot EMS supported China during the 1962 war. The low IQ fraud EMS crated a muslim district called Malappuram, to get muslim votes. Look at Kerala, which has now become the nerve centre of muslim terrorism after Dubai and musluims there have terror training centres and send their kids to Karmir to fight along with Talibans. With illegal Bangladesis, W Bengal sends large no of muslim MPs .
By n.krishna

6/23/2009 1:05:00 PM Communists in any form are not required in this country. The present rut in both the highly backward states of WB and Kerala are the eye opener for any civilised and cultured society. These two states are backward both culturally and otherwise in other areas . No progress at all for more than 30 yrs in these two states. Breeded , goomed in west bengal and now spreaded all over the states of wb, jharkhand, chhatisgargh, bihar , ap and orrissa. WB IS NOW NOT ONLY FAMOUS for their rotten culture but now the factory for creating all anti nationalism in one state. This is the hunger and down tridden poverty in the state responsible for creating anti national elements in this country. If not checked at this state the whole country may fall in the grip, the menance of maoism has al ready eaten up the culture of WB and may creat similar situations in other effected states.
By Tejash

6/23/2009 11:29:00 AM Communist party members were tortured by the congress government, soon after the independence. These inhuman torture, using the maniac police forces of India, made the communist party to grow in states like Kerala and Bengal. Now the communist governments were seen killing their opponents in both the states. Communists when got the power, made the party workers on the party payroll and to collect money they have started stealing money from the state coffers. No real progress under communists, and Kerala and Bengal became basket cases of poverty and unemployment driving its educated, to all over the world for jobs and livelihood. The poor christian families in Kerala opted for christian conversion work all over India, funded by the West. The fringe elements in these communist parties become naxalites and Maoists. India will not progress as long as these low witted single red book political party is there in India. If possible we should also ban the anti national communists as well.
By n.krishna
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