Monday, June 08, 2009

Chhattisgarh may use culture in anti-Naxal campaign

Raipur (PTI): Taking the counter-Naxalite campaign to a different level, the Chhattisgarh government is planning to use cultural programmes to make villagers aware of the development works being undertaken by the state and the role of the left wing extremists in derailing such projects. In fact, it will be like beating the Naxalites at their own game as the ultra-Leftists had been using songs, street plays and other media to spread their ideology in the tribal areas of the state.

The Social Welfare Department already has several cultural troupes which regularly visit villages to spread awareness about the policies of the government.

Now, plans are afoot to use such troupes to counter the Naxals. They will travel from village to village and make the people aware of government's projects and also about "who are proving as obstacles to development," officials said here.

Home Minister Nanki Ram said his department has already started preparations in this regard and will take the help of the culture and information department too.

He said the government is doing a lot of development work in Bastar and other such Naxalite-hit areas but the ultras are playing spoilsport. If the authorities set up a school at a village, the Naxalites destroy the building.

Through music or other media, the villagers can be made aware of the fact that the Naxalites falsely project themselves as their well-wishers, he said.

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