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Cops ‘training’ guns on extremism

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BHUBANESWAR: A move that is sure to bolster readiness of the `men in khaki’ to take on Left Wing extremists, the State Police has decided to send all new entrants in the force for antiextremist training (AET).

As part of a broader policy decision, approved by the State Government, six IPS officers of 2006 batch will proceed to Greyhounds Commando Institute of Andhra Pradesh for six-week training beginning July. Two of them are lady officers.

The 2006 batch IPS officers are the latest entrants and currently posted as SDPOs.

Given the grim scenario of Left Wing extremism in Orissa, improved training for police force appears timely.

Barring a handful, not many in the top rung can claim to be equipped in anti-extremism skills.

Till recently, there had been no apparatus in place for imparting such training.

Sources said the six officers, after completing their training, would join Special Operation Group (SOG), a dedicated anti- Naxal unit of the State Police, for a certain period before being deployed at their normal posting.

This process of training will continue as part of the long-term measures of Orissa Police. The SOG Resource Centre at Chandaka will become the training hub when it is complete.

The subsequent batches of IPS officers would undergo their AE training here.

Andhra Pradesh, which has made significant progress in anti- Naxal operation, has since long adopted such a strategy of training all its top officers and personnel.

Besides IPS officers, the subinspectors and constabulary too would undergo a similar training.

The 2008 batch of 220 SIs have just concluded their AET. The future batches will get similar training too.

``In the next few years, when these officers would be posted in districts, they would have acquired requisite skills and aptitude to face the situation. The most significant part is that besides SPs, officers-in-charge would have necessary preparedness,’’ sources said.

The brainchild of DGP Manmohan Praharaj, this policy is aimed at creating Naxal-ready force in the next few years and putting in place a structured training setup in the State.

The SIs, who underwent their basic investigation, law and order and traffic management training, got their training at the SOG Resource Centre.

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