Friday, June 19, 2009

Elite anti-Naxal CoBRA forces begin operations in Lalgarh

Agencies Posted online: Friday , Jun 19, 2009 at 1434 hrs

Pirakata (WB) : Two hundred personnel of the specialised anti-Naxal force, CoBRA, began sanitising the Jhitkha jungle as security forces proceeded towards besieged Lalgarh in West Midnapore district.
As Jhitka jungle is a Maoist-dominated area en route to Lalgarh, where Maoist-backed tribals are in control, security personnel are waiting for the Command Battalion for Resolute Action to clear their way of possible landmines, informed a senior police official.

While the forces covered the 10 km distance from Pirakata to Pirakuli, another team of security men drove out from Sarenda in adjacent Bankura district in a pincer movement towards Lalgarh to cut off the escape routes of the Maoists, the police officer said.

The security forces used mine detectors to sweep the roads before driving ahead in heavy vehicles. Two IAF helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets in Santhali and Bengali over Lalgarh asking the people not to let themselves be used as human shields by the Maoists.

The tribals under the People's Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA) blocked the passage to Lalgarh by felling trees and digging up roads and blowing up a bridge at Binpur, 12 km from

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