Friday, June 12, 2009

Exclusive: Naxals chilling call to arms

11 Jun 2009, 1633 hrs IST, TIMES NOW

In what is seen as a chilling reminder of the Naxal menace in India, a propaganda CD, accessed by TIMES NOW which was recovered from the two Naxal women commanders, who were arrested earlier by the New Delhi police, shows how the Maoists recruit.

The video boasts of the Naxal missions, gloating over the number of police officials killed and weapons seized. The video also shows women and even young children being recruited and inducted.

The 14 minute propaganda video is a direct tool to recruit fighters, stressing on the plight of the people and calling the government their enemy. The large arms cache displayed by the Naxals shows guns, grenades and rifles.

The voice boasts of how these weapons have been taken from murdered security officials.

Diabolical scheme exposed

Two women Naxal recruitment agents arrested in Delhi have confessed to their diabolical scheme. They said that their prime purpose was to recruit people from the weaker section to their cause and to increase trouble.

In their confession they said, "We went to Jharkhand, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and MP. We were then asked to target six specific areas next to Delhi. The focus was to recruit more naxal cadre."
Specific instructions were to target weaker sections of society and distribute anti-government and inflammatory CDs to influence people. Areas looked at were those where frequent clashes between backward castes are reported. The attempt was to increase caste trouble and create a law and order situation.

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