Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forces face some resistance in Maoist-held areas

Kadasole, WB (PTI): Launching a two-pronged offensive deep into Maoist-held areas, security forces on moved from Kadasole in the north and from Lalgarh in the south where naxalites detonated three landmines and engaged in a firefight with troops.

Besides detonating the landmines, the Maoists fired at the security forces as the offensive resumed this morning with a march from Kadasole, secured on Friday, to Mohultol a forested area, a senior CRPF officer told a PTI correspondent accompanying the forces.

The 1,000-strong security forces comprising the CRPF, India Reserve battalion and the Rapid Action Force retaliated with mortars, LMGs and AK-47s overcoming the Maoists at Mohultol, the officer said.

Simultaneously from Lalgarh in the south, which was taken over by the security forces from Maoists on June 20 after an eight-month siege, around 1,100 security forces marched towards Ramgarh and advanced to Amdanga, the officer said.

There was no resistance from the Lalgarh end of operations, he said.

The security forces, which also comprised jungle warfare experts of the CRPF, were preceded by a mine detection unit and a team from the District Intelligence Bureau.

The forces advancing from the forested flanks of the roads were accompanied by anti-landmine vehicles and bulldozers to clear the road.

DIG CID (Special Operations Group), S.N. Gupta said the operations have entered a critical phase with resistance anticipated from Maoists and tribals under the People's Committee against Police Atrocities (PCPA).

A senior officer of the State Armed Police, Murlidharan said the forces, during their advance through villages were meeting the people, listening to their grievances and assuring them security from the Maoists.

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