Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maoist threat looms over Bengal

16 Jun 2009, 1249 hrs IST, Times Now

Maoists are having a free run barely a hundred kilometres from Kolkata in Lalgarh. The area has now become out of bounds for law-enforcement
personnel and the once CPM bastion is now at the mercy of the Maoists as they unleash terror, tearing down party and police establishments. The TIMES NOW team travelled to this Maoist stronghold to capture some chilling footage and get a ground report.

The team’s path was first blocked by young and old in the Maoist ‘free zone’ near Lalgarh, and had to plead with the villagers before being allowed to go further. We were surprised to find people of Dharampur village in Midnapore district engaged in a wild celebration, looking on as the house of a CPM leader was being demolished.

The outburst of anger and triumph was unprecedented. People had gathered with crude arms and were singing and dancing in celebration after having forced out all the CPM leaders and their cadres out of the village. The move added more territory to their so-called ‘free zone’.

As the TIMES NOW team further into the village we found more war-like symbols of victory – CPI(M) symbols smashed to the ground and a young man trying to bring down the roof of a house. A more chilling sight for that of an unclaimed dead body - of a CPIM leader - lying outside the CPI(M) party office for the past three or four days. The office itself had been set on fire by angry villagers.

Of course this little rebellion is backed by the Maoists, who may not stand out in the crowds but are certainly armed to the teeth.

"We are in the forefront of the people's movement here. Buddadeb (Bhattacharya) may deny it but you can see,” Bikas, a Maoist activist says.

With the CPIM office on fire and their cadres nowhere in sight, it’s a sign that the Maoists are slowly by steadily taking control.

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Anirban said...

The Govt. of West Bengal should enforce law and order. I don't know why the law enforcing authoriries are taking no action. It is for the inaction of the Government, the people of these areas have become insecured.I don;t see any effective game plan of the Govt.