Friday, June 12, 2009

Naxals make inroads along MP border

Bhupendra Pandey
Posted: Jun 10, 2009 at 0255 hrs IST

Lucknow After Sonbhadra, Mirzapur and Chandauli, Naxal activities have recently been reported in villages of Chitrakoot and Banda districts, which lie along the Madhya Pradesh border.

In separate reports, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force and the state Intelligence have informed the state government and the DGP headquarters about Naxal activities in these areas.

The reports say Naxal groups have succeeded in penetrating into the tribal communities and have made safe havens in their villages. They have also started extorting money from tendu patta suppliers and contractors of PWD and Railways.

No report of Naxal violence has been reported from the areas so far but, the report says, their involvement in extortion may lead to a major incident.

“The state Intelligence has been issued directives to collect more information about Naxalite activities in Bundelkhand region. The PAC Headquarters and the Crime and Law and Order cells at the DGP Headquarters have also been asked to deploy force in the areas bordering MP to keep a vigil over Naxals,” said an official in the Home Department.

The Intelligence Headquarters also sent a report to the government that posters carrying slogans and speeches about liberation of tribals were found in villages of Banda district during the Lok Sabha elections.

Incidentally, a team of STF deployed in Chitrakoot and Banda to keep a check on the movement of dacoits was the first to report about the Naxal groups in the border villages in 2007.

An STF inspector, who had submitted the report, said: “A police team from Bargarh police station of Chitrakoot district had spotted a gathering in a village near Karvi area during night patrolling in October, 2007. When they went closer, the mob attacked them with arrows forcing them to escape.”

The STF team, which was then camping in the area in search of Thokia gang, visited the area immediately after receiving the information about the attack on the police.

The inspector said police informers later confirmed frequent visits by the groups of Naxals in Naraini, Kalinjar and Mataundh areas of Banda districts and Bargarh, Karvi, Markundi, Bahilpurwa and Manikpur areas of Chitrakoot. These are bordering areas of Satna and Rewa districts of MP.

The groups enter the UP villages through forests and then return to MP, the STF inspector added.

STF SSP Amitabh Yash confirmed reports of movement of Naxals in Banda and Chitrakoot and said information had been sent to the higher-ups.

Chitrakoot Dham Range DIG Sushil Kumar Singh said, “I have joined here recently and require some time to take stock of the situation. There are possibilities of Naxal groups exploiting the poverty-stricken and landless communities in these two districts.”

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