Saturday, June 20, 2009

New SP ready to face Naxals

PARALAKHEMUNDI, 19 JUNE: “Maintaining Law and Order especially in the Naxal prone areas will be my priority” said the new SP, Mr Sanjeev Arora, while addressing the first Press meet at his office yesterday.
The SP who has joined very recently in place of Mr Safin Ahmed Khan, shifted as SP vigilance was very pragmatic and optimistic that the Naxal menace could be controlled in this district .
“There are a few blocks where the radicals are active, but it is very important that the local who are helping or cooperating them should refrain from doing the same” he said adding: “It is ultimately the villagers who support them will be the worst sufferers in the end.”
The SP said that the armed police in Gajapati are well motivated and prepared to meet the Naxal challenge or any other eventuality in the worst scenario.
Another significant worry for all was the communal tension which had protruded its ugly head during the post Kandhamal riots. In the Rayagada block, there were violent clashes amongst the two communities who had been living in peace and amity all these years.
While the police and administration were initially unable to control the mob fury and riots that spread in a few panchayats, it was the heavy deployment of paramilitary forces that helped in controlling the situation.
The SP said that during the forthcoming Rath Yatra festival, adequate police forces will be deployed in various sensitive blocks with able officers in control.
“Our police stations have improved a lot and there has been a lot of infrastructural development which has gone a long way in controlling crime and helping in maintaining law and order” said Mr Arora.
During his hour long deliberation with the Press, whose cooperation he promptly requested, the SP addressed various other issues like traffic, land problems.
When reporters highlighted the ongoing land controversy in various districts of south Orissa, the SP confessed that this could be a major problem for all concerned. But it was the responsibility of the administration to sort out the land disputes as quickly as possible to defuse such situations.
"The role of the police will be limited to controlling the law and order situation and making positive efforts to initiate peace process as and when required," he said.

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