Thursday, June 04, 2009

Police set-up need to be overhauled to fight naxalism: Experts

Anurag Sharma
New Delhi, Jun 1 (PTI) As naxalism continues to be the biggest threat to internal security, experts believe that the local police dealing with Maoists are ill-equipped and need proper training, intelligence support and re-orientation.

"Its high time steps are taken for proper training and infrastructure to the local police, who are ill-equipped to deal with the naxals operating in areas difficult to reach. We have to deal to with naxalism on par with terrorism," says former CBI director Joginder Singh.

A very recent research report by Asian Center for Human Rights (ACHR) states that more lives were lost in naxal violence in the country during the past four years than in the armed conflicts in the North East or Jammu and Kashmir.

"The current security driven responses are not working and indeed they are counter-productive",
the report says.

During General Elections as many as 65 people, most of them security personnel, lost their lives in different acts of violence.

Arun Bhagat, former Intelligence Bureau (IB) director, says that apart from equipment, state police need to be re-oriented to fight naxalism.

"Local police should first learn the military tactics of attack and defence because its a 'Guerrilla' war situation. And hot pursuit against naxals are required so that they don't get away easily," he says. PTI

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