Thursday, June 04, 2009

State truckers to protest frequent Maoist bandhs

3 Jun 2009, 2228 hrs IST, TNN

RANCHI: Every fifth day in the state is crippled by a bandh reason why truck owners are deeply perturbed. On Wednesday, the Jharkhand Truck Owners'
Association (JTOA) expressed concern over such a "painfully frequent phenomenon about 70 in a year called by Maoists in the state and failure of the government to control the trend.

According to the association, bandhs and the resultant collpase of transport are hitting business in the state quite hard.

"Not only is this costing us dear, this bandh," JTOA president Uday Shanker Ojha said. "Nowhere else in the country do so many bandhs occur 70 days in a year," he added.

In fact, in the past 12 months, various Naxalite organisations have called no fewer than 70 statewide bandhs in Jharkhand, crippling its road transportation and the railways, often the soft targets of Maoists.

The JTOA has announced that it would organize a march to the Raj Bhawan on July 2 to attract Governor Syed Sibte Razi's attention.

During such bandhs truck owners suffer most. The Red rebels often torch their vehicles, and even kill the drivers.

The Maoists also block the roads, causing delay in the delivery system, and also vandalize vehicles.

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