Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Armed movement in city before 2011 poll: Kishanji

1 Jul 2009, 0441 hrs IST, Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey, TNN

KOLKATA: The Maoist offensive will not be contained within West Midnapore for long. An interview with CPI(Maoist) politburo member Kishanji, printed
in the latest edition of the Maoist mouthpiece Gana Pratirodh Mancha, talks about the banned group's plan to start its movements in Singur and Nayachar soon. It also talks about an armed movement in Kolkata before the 2011 Assembly elections.

While the Lalgarh movement continues, it is possible that the movements might spread to Singur and Nayachar, the interview suggests. "Trinamool Congress will not be able to lead the Singur movement for long, as it has tied up with Congress. People in Singur are already seething at the present nonchalance of Trinamool. The latter is playing safe because any friction with Congress before the Assembly elections will prove fatal. The land movement needs leaders now and we are about to fill the vacuum," he says in the interview. After entering Singur, the primary objective of the Maoists will be to drive a wedge between the other political parties there, he adds.

Kishanji also quashes popular belief that it was Trinamool alone which was leading the people's resistance in Nandigram. He claims that the CPI(Maoists) did play a strong role in building up mass resistance in Nandigram, so much so that it has today become a model in the anti-SEZ movements. "We are now heading towards Nayachar because we will not let the chemical hub come up there. We are about to build up public awareness against such a chemical hub by sensitising people about the harms that it will cause to the environment and natural resources," he says.

He calls the Lalgarh movement a "second Naxalbari", because of the armed resistance that it has been able to offer in the face of "state-led coercion", adding, "We have 1100 villages with us in the movement. Even the mass vote boycott during the Lok Sabha elections was the first to happen since the days of the Naxalbari movement. Just like it happened in the earlier movement, we struck at a place which is the weakest spot of the state and which automatically makes it our stronghold."

For the past few days, since the state-led forces launched the Lalgarh attack, Naxal leaders of yesteryears have been accusing the Maoists of misleading tribals of the area. It has been said that their armed uprising negates the very purpose of a people's movement. Kishanji counters these accusations in the interview.

"Most Naxal groups of those days have chosen the easy path today that of the parliamentary system. Look at Santosh Rana, whose group actually swivelled from ultra-Left politics to help usher in Rightist politics in the country," accused Kishanji. He added that people like Rana could not be forgiven for leaving the Lalgarh movement in the lurch.


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