Monday, July 20, 2009

Closed RPF body had broken rules

Dayanand Kamath / DNAMonday, July 20, 2009 2:34 IST Email

Mumbai: The Central Railway RPF Association has been defunct since the past three years for its alleged interference in the administration of the organisation.

The association worked as a link between the administration and the members of the Railway Protection Force (RPF). However, now there is no communication, said RPF officers.

According to sources, the reason the association was closed was because some office bearers violated the rules of the force and tried to interfere in the administration work, which upset the top bosses of the RPF. For instance, during the routine transfers, office bearers of the association would try to stop some officers/constables they favoured or were close to from being transferred. They would pressurise the chief security commissioner to stop their orders.

Also, they would try and use their influence to stop inquiries initiated against some erring officials. In fact, constable SC Jha, general secretary of RPF Association, was dismissed from the force by the inspector general/chief security commissioner of RPF,
Central Railway, for allegedly stealing goods from Matunga loco shed. The association's office at RPF barrack at Mulund was shut down after this incident.

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